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4 cups         Berry Mix (see note)
15 Whole    Eggs
2 cups         Sugar
2 Tbsp.        Vanilla
5 cups         Cream
1 cup            White Chocolate
                      Sourdough Bread (see note)
Whisk eggs and sugar in mixing bowl. Add vanilla and whisk.  Add cream and mix together. Ladle mixed custard into baking pan, make sure to reserve enough to add to bread mixture. Mix bread and chocolate with leftover custard until the bread is saturated. Add berries and mix thoroughly. With hands add the bread to the custard.  Place pan in preheated 325 degree oven and add cold water for the water bath. Baking time is 30-35 minutes. Remove pan from oven and leave in hot water for an additional 20 minutes allowing custard to cool. 

Note: If Berry Mix is frozen, pull out about 45 minutes ahead of time to thaw. 
Note: Cut sourdough bread into small shapes (bread scraps are preferable).

Servings: 15

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